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The Specials

The Specials

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My wandering thoughts in UK ...

The Specials is the first mix of fabrics I have imagined. I was with my mother in a fabrics store. 

The Specials is a winkle to my dear old Frenchie girl friends.  We have spent hours listening to the Specials, Madness, the Ska movement... You know with Dock Marteens and "Hoopette" (kind of Curly very glossy crep hair in front the head). We had a friend who was one of the biggest Vinyl collector of ska music ... We were proud :-)

And the Beatles, of course. I renember I met one Australian guy one day and "you know,  the Beatlles were Australian... ". First I laugh. and then, I was watching me asking to my self "are you sure Mel they are English?", he was sooooo convinced :-)

And red buses, the big arrow annotations on the crossroads to watch out when we cross, Thames, "Much ado about nothing" with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh one of the coolest couple on earth, Gastropubs, The New Tate,  Sherlock Holmes, ...

(Benny Hill HAHA)

I mean, I am sure that every one has tones of souvenirs related to their trips to UK, to the entertainment there ...

And the 2012 London JO Opening ceremony: how on earth is that possible?

So if you need a refill of energy, if you want to jump around with majesty. Or, if you want to deep into the actual world (Black Mirror) and move within, choose the Specials.

Outside cover : Mix tapestry fabrics Cotton 

Toy Dolls : Nelly the Elephant

Thank you Youtube for this magistral suggestion :-) 

Nina Simon : Here comes the sun

London 2012 Opening ceremony highlights


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