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Pancakes: heating pads massage set!

Pancakes: heating pads massage set!

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Morning pancakes! Heat those pancakes in the oven when you need heat and softness to start the day. Made in high quality linen. Filled with bio spelled seeds. It will smell like hot baked bread and spread a delicious heat on your chakras.  A kind of house hot stones massage!

5 pancakes

Each one for the 5 horizontal chakras (you need to lay down so, ... The 2 vertical ones will be added when I will find an engineer to help me on that).

It's a relaxing set. When you want to relax at home, meditate with headsets or just enjoy the heat on your chakras. 

It is less hot than a hot stones massage and the feeling is different because it is made of high quality linen.

Outside cover: high quality linen
Insight cover : Bio Cotton
Seeds : Bio Belgian spelled seeds!

Wax bag: create with love by Pamela, Chilean. I love the Chilean creativity. Always did. A mix between poetry and innocence. 

You heat then in the OVEN Please! Respect the natural composition, ...

No more than 100 °

I let you choose the duration: when you look all over the web, they say 80°, 20 mn, ... My oven is not old (I have just moved in) but it seems to be not very powerful. 

NO MORE THAN 20 mn in the OVEN please! and check.

NO GIVE ACCESS TO THE pancakes (the oven) to children under 13 years old please !

I sell pancakes to have fun and not to create dramas.

Thank you!


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