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Popjes! Pop heating pads!

Popjes! Pop heating pads!

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To place where it burns!

for painful periods, backache, headache, bellyache, stomachache, stress aches, ...

That is why their name are Popjes! (small doll in Flemish - pronounced pop-ye like yes). cocooning, reconfirming, releasing, ...

Natural patch® are high quality soft round heating pads. 

They are made with high quality linen. Pop color or iconic linen patterns. 

Inside, there are bio spelled seeds ... so that it will smell the baked bread when it comes out of the oven.

Their slim round form is optimized to replace patch. You can place them under your bell, right on your back skin and go on with your day! Its soft heat or cold (whenever it is placed in the frizzer) will ease your pain at least for 30 mn. It helps!

You can choose your Popje! but keep in mind that there are all made with end of rolls fabrics. So, those are limited edition by definition!

So you can choose between solid color, patterns or bi-face.

Apply that where you have pain or when you want to feel heat (or cold) and pleasure!

To heat I do prefer the OVEN to respect the natural composition, ...

Oven: start with 20 minutes when the oven is already at 90° then check. 

Microwave: minimum heat: 3à secondes then check.

NO GIVE ACCESS TO Popjes! (the oven) to children under 13 years old please!


Have fun!


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