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Soft caresses

Soft caresses

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Caresse-moi ! 
When was the last time you said that to your partner? A true discussion based on true love. The will to share love with him/her. 

Soft caresses are dry bottles made with high quality old linen fabrics. They are gently hot and filled with a magical fragrance created by the oldest herbalist in town.  A libidotonic herbal mix
for men: to boost energy & circulation
for women: to relax  & destress (without falling asleep).

The heat is a must when you want to relax your muscles and nerves. Play with the soft caresses on different areas of the body, you will feel the pleasure of relaxing... and offer that to your partner. 

As we have bought high quality fabrics end of rolls, we let you choose your preferred mixology only. If you have a specific color in mind, feel free to add a note in the cart, we will create it for you!

The rest will be a surprise :-)


  • 2 caresses filled with spelled seeds & libidotonic
  • 1 bag "let's discuss!"
  • List of exercices to play & discover & learn (Mindfulness, Sexologist, ...) for your first session.

Depending on the CoVID situation, there might be some distorsion in the delivery date.


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