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The 3rd sex

The 3rd sex

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The 3rd sex.

Is a kind of people who does not want to be defined by a (sexual) identity but by who they are. 

It's true that some people think they are a (sexual) identity, and in this case, the first sentence is a common nonsense.

What is the more rude for you? someone who tells you that he is really sorry but the discussion has no interest for him or someone who pretends to listen to you?

Being real. Most of the time. So that you know where you are ;-)

"Meditation is like a science" Osho said 

Well I sell meditation cushion, so I drop names sometimes.

Nobody knows what you need to evolve. Even you. It's an inner feeling. A path... would say the Dalai Lama.

Use this one to discover your inner power and beauty (the color line) and be able to express it in the world (manga style around). 

Outside cover : fabrics mix

3SEX: tout est dit ! Merci pour cette version si juste. Christine, tu es super mignonne :-)


Sinnead O'Conor: run - cover Snow patrol

Wild Wild Country 

Germaine - Sinnead O'Connor - 1994


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