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Girly heating pads for painful periods

Girly heating pads for painful periods

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Herbal tea from Desmecht

An old grandma receipt: soft heating pads to relieve the periods pain.

EdzoC has chosen very girly natural linen fabrics from France for our girls who need some help to release periods pain. The Natural patch  shape is perfect to place on your belly or on your kidneys. If you need to move around, they are slim enough to be blocked between the belt and your skin.

For this edition, you can buy the herbal mix created by the oldest herbalist in town Desmecht® (1840). A delightful and well known remedy made with 

  • Chamomile & Yarrow: to reduce cramp pain.
  • Witch Hazel: enhance blood circulation.
  • Alchemille: dedicated to the uterus.
  • Pepper mint & basil: against spasms.
  • Chaste tree: hormonal plant. Progesterone like. 

Outside cover: high natural French  linen quality
Seeds : Bio Belgian linen seeds!

You heat them in the OVEN Please! Respect the natural composition, ...

No more than 80 °

I let you choose the duration: when you look all over the web, they say 80°, 20 mn, ... each oven has its own power.

NO MORE THAN 20 mn in the OVEN please! and check.

NO GIVE ACCESS TO heating pads (the oven) to children under 13 years old please!

I sell those to ease pain and not to create dramas :-)


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